How can you describe a fashionable men and women in this modern day? You might say they are fashionable because they wear Prada shoes or Channel bags or they drive Ferrari car. Well you’re wrong!

Do you know that part of the current fashion trend in this modern society is being hair free? Well, I am not talking about being bald, but being hair free all over your body.

All over body hair removal is a process of removing unwanted hair from the face, chest, back, underarms, legs, bikini line and other body parts where unwanted hair grows.

Previously body builders and athletes are popular of getting this process as part of their preparation in their competition. But not anymore! Most men and women in this modern society are getting full body hair removal to enhance their looks, boost their confidence and define their body shape.

There are many ways to perform it. I can name it from traditional method to a modern day method of removing unwanted hair. There are also temporary and permanent methods for body hair removal.

DEPILATORIES: In this a cream is being applied to the areas where you want to remove your hair. The chemical component which is calcium thioglycolate will target the protein component of your hair so that it can easily be dissolved.

PLUCKING: This process on the other hand takes place with the use of tweezers.

SHAVING: This process is one of the cheapest and most common traditional ways of to get rid of excessive hair. It cuts off the hair with the help of a razor.

WAXING: This is a form of removing unwanted hair in your body with the use of cold or hot wax. It removes the hair from the root so that your hair won’t grow fast and leaves you smooth skin.

ELECTROLYSIS: With electrolysis, a fine needle is being inserted in each hair follicle and with the help of electric current; it removes the hair from your body. This process has been approved by FDA.

LASER HAIR REMOVAL: Laser hair removal is easy, fast and one that will put a stop to that hair growth that you just don’t want to put up with any longer.

Whichever way you want to remove the hair from all over your body, it is important that you choose the process that suits you. But if you never had it done before, I recommend that you consult the experts.


Source by Manroop Ahitan

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