The popularity of shiatsu massage has allowed manufacturers to create a number of new models of shiatsu massage cushions in recent years. The benefits of this holistic, therapeutic device are well-known, and users appreciate the pain relief they experience after using these devices for just a short while. To better serve our audience, we offer a closer look at some of the better models on the market today, so that consumers are better educated at what’s available to them.

One company that specialises in wellness products is MEsentis, an eight-year business with offices in Germany and the UK. MEsentis created the BMG-450 Shiatsu Massage System to address the needs of its customer base in seeking solutions for better circulation and pain relief in specific areas, such as the feet, thighs, back, and neck. The versatility of the BMG-450 allows users to place the small, powerful cushion directly in these areas for low or high-intensity massage.

The kneading rollers of this device move in two directions, and the soft leather cover provides hours of comfort and soothing relief, both at home and in your car, since it comes with a handy car adapter. The shiatsu massage cushion comes with an impressive two-year guarantee, backed by the solid reputation of a long-term vendor that concentrates its efforts on fully developing and supporting a quality product.

Another veteran company in the field of home health care and shiatsu massage cushions is Homedics. Formed in 1987, this health and wellness authority has become one of the world’s leading vendors for personal wellness products that benefit millions of people each year. Their network of retailers conducts business in more than sixty countries worldwide, and the company’s brands include Taylor Precision Products and Salter Housewares, who provide a wide range of professional and domestic kitchen accessories.

Homedics offers several models of durable shiatsu massage cushions with attractive features like remote control operation, accessory heat and vibration, and separate spot treatment settings for the shoulders and back. Their affordable collection is reasonably priced to suit the needs of different budgets and personal preferences. The firm also markets a Lumbar Massaging Cushion that can be placed under different areas of the body to offer a more direct massaging action to specific problem areas.

Another interesting product is one made by Conair, the U.S. manufacturer with fifty years of experience in hair care and personal grooming products. The company offers two low-priced products specifically designed to include the variable kneading massage that is associated with the shiatsu technique.

Their NM10 Heated Deep Kneading Shiatsu Neck Massager is an ergonomic neck rest that fits comfortably around the neck to apply heat and rolling massage to the most sensitive areas where neck pain originates. The unit weighs a mere two pounds, has a convenient 6′ power cord, and is backed by a limited one-year warranty.

Conair’s other product is the Shiatsu Body Massager Cushion, covered in a soft, black jersey material and a mesh panel at the center. This cushion feels like a soft pillow, and functions much like the MEsentis BMG-450 described earlier, used to provide sport therapy for small areas in need of relief.

All of these products represent the better options available for sale, though there are notable replicas from aftermarket vendors, mostly available through online retailers. The popularity of shiatsu massage cushions guarantees a level of competition and quality construction that will generate many affordable and reliable models for consumers in the future.


Source by Selvin Ronald

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