After whilst searching as a result of the internet, I came across a small and sweet poem, penned by an unfamiliar writer, describing the magnificence of eyes and expressions concealed in them. The poem was so stunning that I just manufactured a note of it. Here is the poem.

In Your Eyes

In your eyes I see a thousand location suns,

Glorious and mighty, far more days are completed.

In your eyes I see the splendor in a uncomplicated flower,

the majesty…the sweetness…the electricity.

In your eyes I see what could be,

faithfully, lovingly, you and me.

In your eyes my world spins round

your voice…enthusiasm the sound.

Largely in your eyes I see love.

Indicating that eyes are the most successful and expressive tools of interaction would indeed be no understatement. They mirror a person’s myriad moods and thoughts. Eyes have fascinated poets since time immemorial.

We human beings are blessed with a highly designed mind which decodes the stimuli from 5 perception organs and draws an inference about the item beheld. God has blessed us with eyes to delight in the splendor and selection made available by the environment he has designed about us. Hence our eyes are worthy of some amount of exclusive treatment.

According to the ayurveda quite a few components have an affect on the functionality of eyes, lessening their efficiency and causing irritation. According to ayurveda the health conditions of eyes are prompted by the vitiation of tridoshas. Tridoshas (vatha, pitta and kapha) functionality ordinarily in their respective channels and destinations, when they are in balanced situation. The main elements, which vitiate these doshas in eyes, are-

o Taking cold bathtub immediately after a brisk work out or after roaming in very hot local weather.

o Straining the eyes for really prolonged hrs.

o Keeping awake for pretty very long time, sleeping in afternoon.

o Moving in dust, polluted ecosystem and in smoke.

o Controlling all-natural urges,

o Head injuries,

o Using the microscope constantly,

o Alcoholism.

All these aspects vitiate the doshas of eyes and trigger several conditions of eye.

Weary eyes

Exhausted eyes are mainly brought on by allergy symptoms, fatigue, around pressure of eyes, an infection and insufficient source of oxygen to tissues of eyes. The major indications of tired eyes are dryness and irritation

Self care for exhausted eyes:

o Give rest to your eyes by closing them for a minute’s interval in in between operate several hours.

o Have a great night’s sleep for 6- 7 hrs.

o Place fresh slice of cucumber on eyes for few minutes. This revitalizes eyes.

o Wash your eyes with chilly drinking water numerous situations in a working day.

o Mix handful of drops of rose drinking water in a cup of water. Dip two cotton gauzes in it and position them on your eyes for couple minutes.

Consult with an ophthalmologist if itching, redness or distress persists.

Dry eyes

Tears flow down our eyes when we are unhappy or far too content. But our eyes are generally safeguarded by a thin film of tear. This movie signifies aap dhatu or jaladhatu (water component) according to ayurveda.or jala .The tear film retains our eyesight distinct and shields our eyes from irritations. Reduction in production of tears results in variation in tear movie and dries it. This situation is referred to as as dry eyes.

The leads to For Dry eyes

1.Age:- As we get old the tear creation reduces creating dry eyes. This is more prevalent in females than adult men.

2.Systemic conditions: Health-related Conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, scleroderma etc.

3.Handful of remedies: Few prescription drugs like diuretics , antihistamines, decongestants, sleeping capsules, handful of antidepressants, acne breakouts medicines and opiate preparations, allergic reaction to eye ointments and eye drops

4.Conditions of eyes: Blepheritis (inflammation of edges of eyelids), Entropion (inward bending of eyelid), Ectropion (outward bending of eyelid).

5.Irritants existing in natural environment: smoke, dust, wind, sunshine, dry climate.

6.Life styles: Performing in front of laptop for for a longer time hrs, looking through for extensive hrs, driving.

7.Diversified Composition of tears: Tears are a mixture of drinking water, fatty oils, proteins, electrolytes, etcetera.

8.In accordance to ayurveda rules the vitiated vayu brings about this situation

Signs and symptoms of dry eyes:

Ordinarily each eyes get influenced in this affliction. Itching, burning or stinging sensation in eyes as if a overseas substance is inside of. You feel it really tough to dress in call lenses. Eyes get exhausted easily. Secretion of mucus in the kind of threads, all over eyes. Eyes get extremely speedily irritated when exposed to smoke or wind.

If the over described indicators persist for a extended time period be sure to consult an ophthalmologist..

Prevention of dry eyes:

o Avoid immediate blowing of air by means of hair driers, followers or air conditioners.

o Wear cooling glasses when it is way too sunny or windy.

o Wear swimming eyeglasses to reduce extra discomfort.

o Avoid dry local weather.

o Don’t forget about to blink when you operate in front of personal computer or although reading or although seeing Television

o Avoid rubbing your eyes.

Home solutions of dry eyes

o Boil castor leaves in drinking water and allow it to amazing down, when this decoction is lukewarm dip cotton gauze it and put it both eyes. When gauze becomes cold it can be dipped once once again in the decoction and placef on the eyes.

o Boil two spoons of triphala powder in a glass of water until eventually it cuts down to quarter of a glass, when it is lukewarm filter it and include a spoon of honey. Drinking this decoction every day strengthens the eyes.

Dim Circles

Darkish Circles are a frequent splendor complaint. Nine out of 10 folks have darkish circles below their eyes at 1 time or yet another, the pores and skin beneath our eyes is very slender. As we get exposed to sun rays, the skin underneath the eyes will get destroyed and turns into additional thin and wrinkled. The veins underneath this slender skin start on the lookout prominent. So the wrinkles and prominent veins type dim circles. Some periods pigmentation also leads to dark circles.

Brings about of dark circles:


2.Around exposure to solar.

3.Deficiency of snooze.

4.Lack of nutrition.

5.Allergy symptoms.


7.Bronchial asthma.



10.Long-term conditions.



Solution for dark circles:

1.Conceal the dim circles by way of make up tactics.

2.Do not use bleach or peels to make the dim circles light.

3.Use mild moisturizer less than eyes choose care not to implement it as well significantly. Flippantly tap the less than eye skin with one particular or two fingers to raise the blood circulation.

4.Treat the trigger of disease outlined previously mentioned.

5.Rest for sufficiently extensive hrs.

6.Do not scratch the less than eye skin.

7.Acquire fantastic food plan, which is loaded in nutrients.

Conjunctivitis: (Pink Eye)

Leads to: Conjunctivitis might be brought about by viruses, bacteria or allergic substances like pollen or dust. Conjunctivitis brought about by germs or virus may perhaps have an affect on 1 or each eyes. Allergic conjunctivitis has an effect on the two eyes.


The most common signs or symptoms are- Redness, itching, grittily sensation, tearing and discharge from one particular or the two eyes. Blurred eyesight and sensitivity to gentle also accompany the over indications.


1.Keep away from Making use of other folks eye cosmetics and sharing your cosmetics with others.

2.Do not contact your eyes consistently with your palms.

3.Wash your arms regularly and carefully.

4.modify pillow covers usually.

5.Do not share your napkins, towels, hand kerchiefs with other folks and don’t use others’.

6.Wash the above stated products each day in warm drinking water and push them working with scorching iron.

7.Just take suitable treatment of your get in touch with lenses according to doctor’s instructions.

8.Avoid rubbing of eyes.

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Source by Dr. Savitha Suri

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